LaSalle Investment Management : LaSalle Australia Core Plus Fund - Fund Profile
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LaSalle Australia Core Plus Fund
Fund Profile

LaSalle Australia Core Plus Fund (ARSN 085 850 282) is an unlisted fund focused on the needs of long term institutional investors seeking exposure to a diverse portfolio of property assets that aims to deliver total returns above benchmark.

LaSalle Australia Core Plus Fund total returns seek to include consistent income returns, capital growth and a component from active management and repositioning of property assets.

The Fund differentiates itself from the vast majority of its peers by its higher exposure to smaller and more management intensive assets. LaSalle Australia Core Plus Fund’s asset class sub sector comprises well-located multi-tenanted B Grade commercial, sub-regional and neighbourhood retail and industrial assets. These assets have the potential to deliver enhanced returns from a higher degree of active management.

The smaller lot size of Fund assets aims to provide demonstrably enhanced liquidity and agility. This enables the Fund to quickly execute geographic and sector tilts to capitalise on market conditions.

In order to target consistent peer out-performance the Manager adopts an end-to-end philosophy of managing all facets of a real estate portfolio. The manager seeks to maximise property performance through pro-active 'hands-on' asset management, development management, property management and leasing.

The Fund adopts a stable capital structure with appropriate use of debt; strict selling discipline, and a stable investor base. In the long term the Fund will aim to develop a strong institutional investor base to enable the Fund to continue to capitalise on opportunities within major domestic property markets.


Australia Headquarters
Waterfront Place
Level 10, 1 Eagle Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
Phone: +61 7 3002 4200